Darker Night Security Tips

During the autumn and winter months make sure you make your home more secure, as darker nights can often mean burglars can operate undetected.


Kit out your home with good security lighting. Choose one with PIR motion sensors and / or Dusk - Dawn mode as this means the light will automatically come on when it needs to. If you already have a security light, make sure it's working. 

Make sure security lighting is positioned in an area where burglars might gain access undetected, and close to doorways or gates. This way, if you use CCTV, Door viewers or intercoms you can make sure you get a good look at a visitor before allowing access. Some security lights are solar or battery operated for easy installation such as the Ultra Bright LED Battery Operated Security Light

You could even use an LED Guardcam which is a security light with built in CCTV. 

Doors & Windows

Get a door chain and a door viewer fitted and use them, remember if you don't recognise the caller and are not expecting them, do not allow access to your home. Always ask for ID.

Fit British Standard Mortice Deadlocks to doors and additional security locks such as Security Jammers.

Always lock windows using a lock with a removable key. A locking Snaplock is a great addition to any window lock. 

You can also fit door and windows with small, battery operated alarms which will activate if a window or door is opened. Ideal to prevent sneak-in burglary. Try the Magnetic Chime & Alarm

Devices to Light up your Home

Use a 24 hour Segment Timer to automatically switch on lamps or radios during the evening if you're out or even away on holiday. You could also use a FakeTV or Simulated TV which is a little light box which lights up your home just like a real TV would. 

Also remember

If you do leave lights on in your home, think about what can be seen from the outside. Close or partially close all curtains to help keep valuables out of sight. 

Lock away ladders, poles and tools as these can be used to gain entry to your home.