Halloween & Bonfire Night Security

Halloween & Bonfire night are usually enjoyed by the majority of the population with treats, toffee apples, sparklers and fireworks. However there are those few who take advantage of the festive spirit and cause mayhem with their tricks. Here are some to look out for.
Distraction Burglary
On Halloween it is a well known tradition for children to knock on their neighbours doors, shout 'Trick or Treat' and receive sweets. Some may take advantage of this by sending children, teenagers or even adults to your door in the presence they're playing trick or treat, and try to distract you.
This could be by asking to use your toilet to gain access, or by sending a second person to the back door while they keep you occupied at the front door.
Make sure all other doors and windows are locked and secure. Use sneak in door and window alarms such as the Magnetic Chime and Alarm to warn you if a door or window is opened. 
Remember, do not allow anyone you do not know access to your home. If you wish to give treats you can still use your door chain and pass treats through the partially opened door without compromising your security.
Letterbox Crime
Anti-Social Behaviour on Halloween and bonfire night is rife and your letterbox is a vulnerable point on your door where people may post litter, drinks, petrol or even fireworks.
Protect your letterbox with either a Flaplock Locking Letter Plate which allows you to lock your letterbox during the evening and open it back up again in the morning to receive your post.
Or you could seal your letterbox completely with a Blanking Letter Plate and use an External Mailbox to receive your mail attached to an external wall, fence or gate. The mail is secured with a key so cannot be stolen. 
Lights, Camera, Action 
Burglars often take advantage of darker nights and often assume homeowners leave their homes unoccupied during Bonfire Night to visit events. You can make your home look occupied by using devices such as Timer Switches or FakeTV's
Use Security Lights to light up vulnerable spots in your home and entrance points such as doorway and gates. You can even use CCTV to catch thieves who do attempt to break in. Most CCTV now has IR night vision and you can even use battery operated CCTV such as the Bushnell Trail Camera for easy installation. The LED Guardcam is an all-in-one Security Light and Camera, or the Abus Wireless Camera Kit comes with an indoor portable monitor to view the footage in real time or playback.