Holiday Security Checklist

Holiday Security Checklist

Keep Your Home Secure While You're Away

1- Prepare your home

If a garden looks overgrown a burglar may think the home is unoccupied. Make sure you cut back any hedges and mow your lawn before you go away. If you are away for a longer period of time consider asking a friend to come around and tend o your garden or hire a gardener. 

Lock away all tools, ladders or outdoor furniture into your shed or house, as thieves may use this to force their way into your home. 

2 - Secure Valuables

Mark all valuables with a permanent UV pen which uses invisible ink which the Police will be able to identify. Mark items with your postcode, house number and contact details. 

Make sure valuables are kept out of site and hidden in a discreet location. Avoid obvious places like under mattresses or drawers. 

3 - Make your home look lived in 

Use timer switches and a FakeTV to make your home seem lived in. A timer switch can turn lights on and off automatically at pre-set times, while a FakeTV makes it appear someone is at home watching TV. 

If you have a close neighbour, consider asking them to come around and open / close your curtains, collect mail and make sure everything is OK.

Cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries, and if you're away for a long period of time consider having your mail redirected.

4 - Don't advertise you're away

Be careful about who will know that you're away. Keep it quiet on social networking sites and be aware of who might be listening to conversations such as your taxi driver. Don't put your address on luggage labels, use a mobile phone number instead, and don't change your voicemail to state that you're away. 

5 - Secure your home

Finally, make sure all doors and windows are fitted with British standard locks and lock them all before you leave. If you have a home alarm fitted make sure batteries are fresh if required and set the alarm before you leave. If you have asked neighbours to stop by, ensure they are able to use the alarm. 

Holiday Security Pack

We have worked with crime prevention officers to produce a specialist holiday security pack which includes everything you need to make sure your home is secure while you're away. 

24 Hour Segment Timer - allows lamps or other electrical devices to be turned on or off automatically while you're away. It works by manually setting 15 minute segments to an on/off position with the option to choose up to 48 segments on or off in a 24 hour period.

Key Fob PIR Autodialer - This is a motion sensor alarm which once activated will not only sound an alarm but will also dial a pre-set number and play a pre-recorded message. 

PIR Alarm with RF Key Fob - A fast and easy to install motion sensor alarm which can be operated with a key fob. 

Permanent UV Marker Pen - Make sure all of your valuables are marked with your postcode, house number and contact details. 

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent - A clever gadget as seen on 'Dragons Den' and 'The One Show'. This device uses less energy than a standard lamp but will make it appear someone is at home watching TV. Operates on a dusk till dawn setting. 

The Holiday Security Pack can be bought here