Holiday Security Under £20


Top 10 Holiday Security Products for under £20

1. Secret Pocket

Protect your valuables such as passports and cash whilst travelling by using a secret pocket - a wallet with a neck tie which can be worn underneath clothing to prevent pick pocketers

2. Door Wedge Alarm

The Defender Door Wedge Alarm is a great way to ventilate a room and add extra security, if someone was to push the door open the door wedge would compress and a loud siren would activate. Perfect for holiday apartments and hotel rooms, or for those hot days at home.

3. Defender Mini All Purpose Alarm

This ingenious personal alarm can also be used as a bag alarm, panic alarm, door alarm and an emergency torch. Prevents pick pocketers and deters thieves. The alarm works by pulling the lanyard away from the alarm which releases the pin and activates a loud 135dBs siren. Small and compact enough to keep on you at all times. 

4. Door Handle Alarm

A clever security device which can be placed on the inside of a door handle. If someone tries to touch the outside door handle the alarm will activate before they even get chance to open the door. Great way to deter thieves or alert you that someone is close by. 

5. ZipClip Carabiner Hook

This is one of the simplest but effective ways of protecting your bags while traveling. It not only deters thieves but also allows you to enjoy your holiday without the fear of being pick pocketed.  A thief would need to use two hands to break open the ZipClip Carabiner hook and enter your bag, which would deter them instantly.

6. Master Lock Portable Safe

Keep your phone, wallet, passport etc kept in this lightweight portable which comes with its own cable. Simply find a fixed object such as a post or table and feel safe knowing your valuables are locked away. Perfect for days out at the beach or at the hotel pool

7. Portable PIR Chime & Alarm

This motion detection alarm is designed to detect movement in one zone or 'beam.' The alarm can be placed on a table top, windowsill or floor and will only activate if someone walks past the invisible beam. For only £7.50, this alarm is unbeatable!

8. Purse Dipping Bells

These bells are great to keep on your purse or bag, if someone tries to take it while you're not looking the bells will jingle to alert you. These have had countless success stories and for 60p are a great buy.

9. Property Marking Kit

A low cost security essential which allows you to mark all of your valuables such as iPods, phones, tablets and cameras with your contact details in invisible ink. You can then record this onto a record card as proof the item belongs to you. 

10. Phone Security Cable

Available in black or white, the mobile phone security cable is designed to ensure your phone is always attached to you preventing thieves from snatching it from bags and pockets. It also prevents smashed screens in case of accidental dropping.