Home Security Advice

Home Security

Posted Thursday 6th February 2014. Updated 12th January 2015

Home Owners

Getting the basics right will significantly reduce your chance of being burgled. Most burglaries are still opportunistic and your job is to make your house less appealing to break into than the ones nearby!

Think how you would get into your house if you were locked out? If you can get in, so can a burglar. Pay particular attention to areas where they can break in without being seen from the road or neighbours houses.

Basic tips

- Fit strong locks to your doors and windows

- Use the locks you have. Snaplocks for windows lock automatically when you shut them.

- Keep keys out of sight

- Use visually effective warning signs, alarms and CCTV cameras - even if they're fake!

- Keep valuables out of sight

- Use timer switches to make it look like you're at home while you're out

- Use good security lighting


Flat or Shared Accommodation

Security Advice

All Flat owners need to take special care of letting people they don't know into the communal areas.

If you live in a first or second floor flat, you should take the same security measures you would for a house.
Flats above the second floor need to take a slightly different approach because of fire regulations and the reduced likelihood of access through the windows

If you live in shared accommodation with people you don't know very well, you should be wary of your house mates as you don't always know who you can trust, or who they're letting into the house while you're not there.

Make your you room is fitted with a lock and a key, and make sure you always lock up behind you. Don't leave any valuables such as laptops or bags in the communal areas.


Essential Security Items (Must have)

- British Standard 5 lever lock

- Intercom

- Deadlocking Night-latch

- Door Viewer

- Door chain or restrictor


Other Security Items (Nice to have)

- Additional bolts

- Door chain mirror

- Sneak in alarms (Door Handle Alarm & Door Wedge Alarm)