Shed & Garden Security

Garden Security Checklist 

Garden & perimeter security

1. Survey your property
Walk around the perimeter of your property, if you can spot a way in, so can a burglar. Make sure that passers by can still see the front of your home to prevent burglars from being hidden from view.  

2. Prevent access
Use fences, gates, walls or planting to separate your private property and access points. Prevent access to the sides and rear of your property by using locked gates, high fencing (about 2 meters) or walls. Trellis topping or Prikka Strips make it difficult to climb. Anti-climb paint can also be used on drain pipes etc. 

3. Set booby traps
Use spikey shrubbery to prevent access making it difficult to climb fences and walls. Also, use gravel around entrance points so you can hear anyone sneaking around, burglars don't like it and tend to avoid homes with gravel. PIR Alarms with internal receivers can be used which let you know if someone is sneaking around, giving you time to call the Police.

4. Use security lighting
Use lighting around the main entry points of your home, such as side entrances and doorways. This can act as a courtesy light for your and guests, and will also alert you or scare of opportunist thieves. Solar lights have become much more effective in recent years and are fast and easy to install. Use PIR lighting which will automatically turn on when there is movement.

5. Don't make it easy
Tidy away tools, ladders or items that could be used to gain entry to your home. 

Sheds & Garages

1. Use good locks and hardware
A shed or garage can be very easy and simple to secure, but a lot of home owners concentrate their security efforts on their home and forget to do the same for their sheds or garages. Using good quality locks, hinges and bolts can prevent theft.

2. Cover your screws
Use anti-tamper screws or coach bolts on hasps and locks as so they can't be removed.

3. Use strong doors
Make sure the doors cannot be kicked in by using door reinforcers or replacing old, weak doors with stronger new ones. 

4. Use alarms
Use a simple PIR alarm with an indoor receiver which alerts you of any disturbance. Use glass alarms on windows or glass panelled doors. 

5. Mark your valuables
Mark bikes, tools and any valuables with your postcode and address details using a property marking kit

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