Summer Burglary Guide


The summer months brings warmer weather and the chance to enjoy BBQs, gardening and sunbathing. However opportunist thieves are always on the prowl and are more likely to attempt a burglary during the summer months than any other time of the year. Beat the Burglars this Summer by following these tips. 

Secure external doors and windows

Did you know that if a burglar enters your home through an open door or window it may not be insured? If you're in the garden or asleep at night, make sure all external doors and windows are closed and locked, or fitted with security restrictors which allow the room to be ventilated but will stop thieves from entering. 

Use door and window alarms

Simple to use alarms are a great way to alert you if someone is attempting to open doors or windows. Window contact alarms can be set to chime mode to alert you when visitors arrive or can be set to alarm if you are not expecting visitors. 

Turn on home alarms

Even if you're only popping out for 10 minutes, make sure you activate your alarm. 

Lock away tools and bikes

Make sure you leave tools, garden furniture or bikes secured while you're not using them. Even if you are at home, thieves are sneaky enough to creep into your garden and take anything they can find of value in the garden. Tools such as ladders give thieves an easy way to enter upper floor windows that have been left open. Lock items away in sheds, outhouses or inside your home.

Secure your perimeter

Make sure no-one can enter your property without your consent, this includes your side, front or back garden. Use gates and fences to secure these areas and make sure gates are fitted with locking hasps and staples. Use padlock alarms for additional security which will be activated if anyone tries to tamper with the lock. Plant shrubs and spiky plants to prevent access in weak spots.