Top 10 Everyday Security Tips

Top Everyday Home Security Tips

1. Look at your garden security - install strong fences and gates with secure padlocks.

2. Don't leave your key's in the door! Especially if you have a glass panel or letter box nearby. Thieves are able to use tools and hooks to remove them.

3. Locks are useless if you don't use them. Make sure all ground floor or easily accessible windows are all fitted with locks which have removable keys.

4. A letter box can be your homes weakest point - consider using a locking letter plate or a simple sash jammer to keep it shut during peak burglary periods.

5. Use security lighting in the main access points to your home - both front and back. Use a dusk-till dawn and motion sensing one which can act to deter thieves who are caught off guard. They are also handy for when visitors arrive so you can see who is calling at your door. 

6. Gravel on paths and driveways can act as an alert to someone coming towards your property.

7. Install a CCTV camera, even if it is a fake one it will still help to deter thieves.

8. Warning signs and stickers are also a great way to deter thieves. Opportunist thieves are put off by anything which makes your home look secure as they know they are putting themselves at risk of getting caught.

9. Don't leave key's lying around - thieves know where to look. If you do need to leave a spare set, consider installing a key safe.

10. If you go out for the evening, close your curtains and set 24 hour segment timers. If you are going on holiday, ask a friend or neighbour to come in and close your curtains for you.