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Blanking Letter Plate - Satin

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30.00 (cm)
7.50 (cm)
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Product Details

Blanking Letter Plates are designed to completely block access to a property via a letter box, providing protection against arson attacks, vandalism, anti social behavior and thieves.

Letter boxes can be one of the most vulnerable points of your home, and by completely blocking access you can increase your security and provide instant reassurance.


Also ideal for empty or voided properties, reducing the risks of ASB and junk mail.

Available in regular and large sizes in Brass or Satin finishes. Please check the size of your letterbox opening before ordering. Easy installation, screws not included.



  • Completely blocks letter box access to a property
  • Prevents arson, ASB, theft and junk mail
  • Available in Brass or Satin
  • Available in regular and large
  • Please check your dimensions before ordering