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Celebrating 1 Year of the Defender Signal Blocker!

Celebrating 1 Year of the Defender Signal Blocker!

Posted by Redline Security on 11th Apr 2018

This month sees us celebrate a special anniversary; April 25 will mark exactly a year since our parent company, Solon Security, formally launched the Defender Signal Blocker.

Initially launched with the primary purpose of discouraging mobile phone use behind the wheel, the past 12 months have seen the now award winning product become one of the most cost effective and highly recommended solutions to modern keyless car crime, aka relay attacks.

Relay attacks have been in the headline constantly in recent times. The process involves tech-savvy thieves hijacking the signal of keyless car fobs that work off proximity technology. This hijack allows silent access to the vehicle in less than 60 seconds, with devices costing as little as £50 online. 

The below infographic shows just how relay attacks can work:

The Defender Signal Blocker's unique RPF™ material creates a 'faraday cage' effect on key fobs, meaning the proximity signal is stopped from transmitting outside of the pouch.

This means that tech-savvy thieves and their signal boosting gadgets cannot target your fob, so you can sleep easy in the knowledge your car is not susceptible to relay attacks!

Watch our special video below! 

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