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National Home Security Month Special

Posted by Redline Security on 19th Oct 2018

National Home Security Month is now LIVE across the UK and our parent company, Solon Security, is proud to be an official supporter of this year's edition. 

NHSM has been split into five key areas of focus for each week. These are listed below, along with our advice for each area:  

Raise the Alarm

A quality, reliable alarm system is the foundation stone of good home security. We recommend simple, wireless kits that are ready 'out of the box', with no stress or confusion around installation. 

Setting the Standard

Your entry points should be your primary focus for security; this means doors and windows. When it comes to door chains or window locks, we always recommend choosing items that have been independently tested to approved standards. 

Lights, Camera, Action

The first step to feeling safe indoors is to be secure outdoors. Reliable outdoor lighting is essential for the dark winter months, providing a deterrent against intruders and offering safety and convenience for visitors.

Future Focused

Technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in how people manage their security. There are countless gadgets available, but we believe CCTV systems that you can check in on from your phone whilst not home are essential.

Halloween and Bonfire Night

October brings us towards two of the most statistically high nights for crime and anti-social behaviour. Letterboxes are a common target for vandals, so things like simple blanking letter plates and fire-retardant mail bags are always welcome additions.

Learn more about National Home Security Month here.