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Counterfeit Detector UV Lamp with Magnifier

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18.50 (cm)
12.00 (cm)
12.70 (cm)

Product Details

A mains operated, UV detection lamp that is designed to identify fraudulent currency and documentation, with a built in magnifier for enhanced detection. 

Equipped with a 9W UV tube, the model is used by UK police forces and anti-fraud teams to detect false bank notes, passports, ID cards and much more. 

Easy to set up and use. Professional results in an instant. 


  • Counterfeit detection lamp
  • UV bulb detects markings and watermarks
  • Built-in magnifier for enhanced detection
  • Suitable for all currency, passports, IDs etc.
  • Compatible with new UK polymer notes
  • Mains operated, 220V, 9W UV tube