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Dakota DCPA-2500 Long Range Vehicle Detection Kit

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12.50 (cm)
12.50 (cm)
7.50 (cm)

Product Details

The Dakota DCPA-2500 is an intelligent, long-range motion detect kit that is used to detect moving vehicles around a property.

The kit uses a durable burial probe that can be submerged in the ground, detecting vehicles within a radius of 12ft. The probe uses 50ft of weatherproof cable to connect with a battery powered transmitter that beams a signal back to the wireless receiver up to Half a Mile away, meaning users will receive plenty of advanced warning of visitors or intruders.

The long-range nature of the kit makes it ideal for large properties, particularly in rural locations, with the burial probe cutting the amount of false alarms caused by animals.

All Dakota 2500 Series products are inter-compatible, meaning you can build a bespoke system to suit your needs and maximise the security of your property.


  • Long-range vehicle detection kit
  • Coverage of up to Half a Mile
  • Contains burial probe with a 12ft detection radius
  • 50ft of cable allows for flexible setup between probe and transmitter
  • Ideal for large properties or rural environments
  • Compatible with all other Dakota 2500 Series products