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Dakota PR-2500 Long Range Wireless Portable Receiver

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4.00 (cm)
7.50 (cm)
2.00 (cm)

Product Details

The Dakota PR-2500 is a highly reliable portable receiver that acts like a security pager for protecting your property.

Linked with any of the transmitters in the Dakota 2500 Series, the lightweight unit can receive alerts from up to Half a Mile away, from 4 different zones. These alerts can be alarmed or discreet vibration.

As well as receiving, the PR-2500 can store and record alerts (up to 999) and runs off a rechargeable lithium battery, making it perfect for both residential and commercial uses. 

All Dakota 2500 Series products are inter-compatible, meaning you can build a bespoke system to suit your needs and maximise the security of your property.


  • Lightweight, long range portable receiver
  • Receiving distance of up to Half a Mile
  • Ideal for carrying on your person around a property
  • Records and stores alerts
  • Optional 'silent alert' function
  • Compatible with all other Dakota 2500 Series products