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Defender Apollo Touch CCTV Kit

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Product Details

The Defender Apollo Touch CCTV Kit is a high quality, easy set up system that is perfect for use in both residential and commercial environments. 

It is a completely motion activated system that comes equipped with two cameras (up to 4 cameras sold separately) and a compact, portable monitor.

Users can download the easy-use app to connect footage to their smartphone, with the option of receiving alerts when motion is detected, even when not at home. A two way audio feature on both the monitor and app also allows contact with those who are detected. 


  • 20m motion detection range 
  • 1080p cameras (IP65)
  • IR night vision
  • Mobile viewing (iOS or Android)
  • Up to 4 cameras 
  • 300m system operating range 
  • 7 inch NVR touch-screen monitor