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Defender DX-500 Solar Wireless Perimeter Security Kit

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Product Details

The DX-500 is a long range detection kit designed to protect the perimeter of properties, ranging from residential areas to large commercial or industrial environments. The battery-powered, wireless nature of the kit means it is also suitable for use in rural environments with no access to electricity. 

The DX-500 has an operating range of 150m and each system can be added to with multiple sensors and receivers. The PIR sensors are fully waterproof and easy to install. Each receiver has up to 50 different audio alerts with 4 levels of volume, with the additional covert option of vibration or flashing mode. 

The kit consists of a sensor and a receiver. 

Perfect for use on driveways, construction sites, rural properties and entry points of any kind.


• 150m operating range 
• Battery operated 
• IP55 weatherproof
• Easy set up and operation