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GoCam Wireless CCTV System with Smartphone Access

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Product Details

The GoCam Remote CCTV system is an easy to install and operate wireless surveillance camera system.

Records direct to an SD card (max 32GB, not included) housed within the portable 7" monitor. The system can also be operated and controlled via your smartphone from anywhere in the world, sending push notifications whenever a camera is activated.

The camera and monitor will connect within 200m of one another for maximum coverage. Additional cameras can also be added, with a max of 4 per monitor. The camera features a 20m night vision range and can be set to record continuously, or motion activate.


  • Wireless CCTV system for home or commercial use
  • Cameras can be set to motion activate or continuous record
  • Built in night vision for 24hr protection
  • Smartphone compatible (iOS or Android) - view footage from anywhere in the world!
  • Kit contains 1 x camera and 1 x monitor, plus remote control & all connections
  • Monitor can support up to 4 separate cameras (additional cameras available)
  • SD card not included

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