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MailGUARD® Plus with Police Preferred Specification

£44.99 - £124.95
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46.00 (cm)
50.00 (cm)
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Product Details

The MailGUARD® Plus is a fire protective mailbag with an enclosed extinguishant tube. 

Designed to be fixed to the inside of a letterbox, the device provides protection against arson attacks and anti-social behaviour, achieving Police Preferred Specification.

The durable, fire-retardant material is supported by a tube of environmentally friendly FE-25 gas, which extinguishes any fire within 10 seconds. 

A user-friendly zip allows access to mail as normal. Replacement extinguishant tube available.


  • Fire-retardant mailbag
  • Protects letterbox from arson attacks
  • Contains extinguishant tube of non-harmful FE-25 gas 
  • Extinguishes fire in under 10 seconds
  • Zip compartment for access to post (lockable, padlock not included)
  • Replacement extinguishant tube available