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Mini Purse/Bag Alarm

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Product Details

The Mini Bag Alarm is a hugely popular and consistent security accessory for all types of bags and purses. 

Provided with a lanyard and key ring attachment, the alarm is designed to be fixed to both the bag and the owner (e.g. on clothing).

The ring pull activated alarm sounds a powerful 130dBs siren when activated and also comes with an independent panic button. 

When a bag snatch is attempted, the ring pull detaches and sounds the siren. Intelligent design means the alarm will remain attached to the bag, maximising the deterrent to the thief. 


  • Pin activated bag alarm
  • Powerful 130dBs siren
  • Deters attackers and attracts attention
  • Subtle, attractive design
  • Built-in test/panic button


Part Code AL00013
Finish  Silver
Activation Removable Pin
Batteries 3 x LR44 (included)



12 months